Price: 20.00 15.00 USD

✦ Diamond Armor: Protection 25, Unbreaking 25
✦ Diamond Sword: Sharpness 25, Unbreaking 25
✦ Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency 40, Fortune 40, Unbreaking 40


✔ Permanently have 1.2X XP ((Pickaxe)) multiplier
✔ Ability to permanently sell blocks with 1.2X  multiplier

✔ Ability to claim regular slayer rewards every 7 days
✔ Ability to boost upgrade any pickaxe to higher enchants
✔ Ability to access the slayer mine with higher sell prices
✔ Ability to access the miner mine with higher sell prices
✔ Ability to join the server when it is full of players
✔ Ability to use all of the commands listed below

✦ 5000 Tokens
✦ $25,000,000 in-game money
✦ [SLAYER] tag in-game and [DONATOR] on discord

⚒ Ability to use autosell (/as)
⚒ Ability to teleport to the slayer mine (/warp slayer)
⚒ Ability to teleport to the miner mine (/warp miner)
⚒ Ability to check the connection latency for any player (/ping)
⚒ Ability to check when a player was last online (/seen)
⚒ Ability to access and store items in mobile enderchest (/echest)
⚒ Ability to craft items whenever and wherever (/craft)
⚒ Ability to store items in one private player vault (/pv)

Please make sure you are online to receive your rank.